Feature & Amenities

General Feature & Amenities

  • Building will be planned and designed by professional Architects and structural design Engineers.
  • For all service connections and disposals (sewerage, solid waste, etc.) British/American/BNBC building codes will be followed.
  • Sub-soil investigation and soil composition will be analyzed from laboratory.
  • Building will be comprised of reinforced cement concrete (R.C.C) foundation, column, beam and slab considering systematic and wind effect with modern design concept.
  • Comprehensive checking and testing of all steel reinforcement will be conducted by professional design and supervising engineers.
  • All structural materials including steel (60 grade deformed / tore steel bar), cement (Scan, Cemex, Holcim, King Brand, SKS etc.), bricks (1St class), Sylhet sand, etc, will be of highest available standard.
  • For concrete works to give crushing strengths of 2500 psi to 4000 psi (cyl.test) at 28 days depending on concrete ratio & design.

Building Entrance

  • Secured decorative MS gate with lamp as per the elevation & perspective of the building.
  • Functional Comfortable Drive-way with pavement Tiles.
  • Reserved Car parking
  • Attractive Apartment Logos.
  • Guard post with adequate lighting.
  • Drivers Rest Room with Toilet facilities.


  • Sliding windows with 5mm tinted glass completed with Thai Aluminum and grill system.


  • Plastic paint in internal wall, cement paint in external wall and enamel paint in grill.


  • 60/40 grade deform bar steel as per design specification manufacture by Bansundara/BSRM/Equivalent.


  • Good quality Portland cement of seven Ring /Shah/Fresh/equivalent quality.


  • Sylhet sand (F.M=2.5) use for all RCC main structure and local sand (F.M = 1.5) use for other structure.


  • ¾” down grade stone chips use for foundation, column and beam. Shingles will use for piles (as per design specifications.)

Lift, Lobbies & Staircases

  • Imported Passenger Lift of Europe/Korea origin of required capacity. 
  • Spacious lift lobby in each floor. 
  • Floor tiles in all lift lobbies and staircase with proper lighting system

Roof Top

  • Roof top garden. 
  • Clothe drying area. 
  • Community space with kitchen and toilet. 
  • Protective Parapet wall. 
  • Adequate Sitting arrangements in roof top.

Painting and Polishing

  • Internal walls & ceiling – Plastic emulsion paint (Berger/Elite) of soft color.
  • Grilles & railings – Synthetic Enamel Paint (Berger/Elite)
  • Exterior walls – Weather Paint (Berger/Elite)
  • Boundary walls – Weather Paint (Berger/Elite)
  • Boundary Gate(s) – Spray finish with duco paint.
  • Ground Floor Columns – Column protective metal corners painted with synthetic enamel paint (Berger/Elite).

Apartment layout

  • The total layout has been thoughtfully arranged to maximize advantages, specially in relation to the day light from all sides and cross – ventilation throughout. Spreading the layout from end to end. The master has emphasized privacy and second bed rooms have been located away from the guest. All rooms can take advantage of both the winter sunlight and cool summer breeze.

Living Rooms

  • The living room and formal dinning are large enough for parties. A unique atmosphere of elegance instantly dominates the living areas.

Bed Rooms

  • Spacious sizes with white mosaic floors and tinted glass windows in aluminum make every bedroom a place of relaxation. The main bedrooms each have conveniently attached dressing rooms that lead to attractive Baths.


  • The kitchens are beautifully designed luxuries with marble worktops and stainless still sinks. Wall and floor tiles in colored ceramics complement the traditional styling. The kitchen has been expertly designed to take most appliances. Cabinet shutters are optional to suit the choice.


  • Comfortable adequately sized balconies are strategically located. These have both aesthetic and functional values.

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